by H. Leivick
translated from Yiddish and adapted by Ellen Perecman
produced by New Worlds Theatre Project
at the 45th Street Theatre
May 2 - 20, 2012
Scenic Design by Lee Savage
Costumes by Alixandra Gage Englund
Lighting by John Kernisky
Production photographs by John Kernisky

Welcome to America...warrants a look as an immigrant story that doesn’t shy away from the contradictions inherent in its subject. ... Stories of generational conflict and assimilation can approach cliché, but “Welcome to America” stands apart because of its willingness to embrace the ambiguity and irresolution that mark the Mazes’ status in New York.
— Nicole Villeneuve - Backstage
WTA - Act 3 - Maze and Harry at end - Kernisky.jpg