at Trinity Shakespeare Festival
June 13 - July 2, 2017
Scenic Design by Brian Clinnin
Costumes by Aaron Patrick DeClerk
Lighting by Tristan Decker
Sound by Kate Marvin
Photography by Amy Peterson

Kelsey Milbourn and Blake Hackler

"Richard does not work without a director who is keenly aware of the villainous intricacies of Shakespeare’s first outstanding drama, and an actor able to embody the “deformity” of the play’s antihero. Brown-Fried and Blake Hackler fill both requirements admirably."
- M. Lance Lusk, TheaterJones

Rachel Gifford, Alexander Istrate, David Coffee, Richard Haratine, John Pszyk, Branden Loera, and Michael Muller

"As the play unfolds on the Hays stage, a claustrophobic, sinister sense akin to drowning in quicksand overwhelms with Hackler’s Richard a suffocating, destructive driving force. Trinity Shakespeare Festival’s bold, evocative production embraces the play’s text with genuine respect while revealing the warped motivations of the megalomaniacal, hallucinatory Richard with a very modern sensibility. Horrifying in deed, the performance gratifies as living art.... This Richard III is a resonant and elegant production, where director’s vision and the design team and actors’ realizations enliven this early play in Shakespeare’s canon with superb and terrifying grace."
- Alexandra Bonifield,

Branden Loera

Ashlee Waldbauer, Selmore Haines and Kelsey Milbourn

Blake Hackler and Richard Leaming

Kelsey Milbourn and Blake Hackler

Blake Hackler

Montgomery Sutton

Blake Hackler, Michael Muller, Richard Leaming, David Coffee, Selmore Haines, and John Pszyk

Blake Hackler, Michael Muller, Richard Leaming, Selmore Haines, David Coffee, and John Pszyk