at Trinity Shakespeare Festival
June 7 - 26, 2016
Scenic Design by Bob Lavalee
Costumes by Aaron Patrick DeClerk
Lighting by Tristan Decker
Sound by Toby Algya
Photography by Amy Peterson and Glen Ellman

"Trinity’s stellar production is a Dream reborn." -- TheatreJones

 "It is all the more better when a director, a group of artists, and a cast can come together to execute a version that greatly enlivens a play that already sparkles on the page. Stephen Brown-Fried directs this Dream for the Trinity Shakespeare Festival with an eye to the full aesthetic, and much like he did with his resplendent Much Ado About Nothing he did for TSF a few years ago (still the best I’ve ever seen), he is able to do this in refreshingly straightforward and traditional manner." -- TheatreJones