at Northern Stage
September 28 - October 23, 2016
Scenic Design by Bill Clarke
Costumes by Moria Sine Clinton
Lighting by Dan Kotlowitz
Sound by Toby Algya
Video Design by Alek Deva
Fight Choreography by David Anzuelo / Unkle Dave's Fight House
Photography by Rob Strong Photography

Damian Jermaine Thompson and Robert David Grant

"Disorientation may be the ideal way to liberate an audience. In his bold vision of Macbeth, director Stephen Brown-Fried uses surprise to help viewers see the play anew. Northern Stage's production is not merely a modern-dress spin on a classic but a novel way to experience its emotional depth."  
- Alex Brown, Seven Days

Avery Glymph and Rigel Harris

"The show is a bullet-train ride, "full of sound and fury" to be sure, signifying much. The pervasive anxiety in this production is modern in the extreme as we face terrorism at home and abroad."
- Susan B. Apel, Daily UV

Damian Jermaine Thompson

"Northern Stage’s slick and fast-paced production, directed by Stephen Brown-Fried, takes the action to a war-torn today, the characters dressed in army fatigues on a stage that morphs from battleground to castle kitchen. Without changing the language, but cutting a bit, the original Shakespeare worked seamlessly — unnervingly so."
The Barre Montpelier Times Argus

Trisha Miller

"Macbeth has opened at Northern Stage. If you have no idea what to expect--and you don't--the set by Bill Clarke will not offer comfort. From the moment you take your seat, it is clear that you are not in Scotland, but rather, in some chilly, unidentified, apocalyptic miasma. You don't need to wait for the witches to say it to know that 'something wicked this way comes.'"
- Susan B. Apel, Daily UV

Robert David Grant

Stephen Lee Anderson

Carene Mekertichyan, Rigel Harris, and Virginia Ogden

Robert David Grant and Trisha Miller

Virginia Ogden, Bradley Anderson, Damian Jermaine Thompson, Robert David Grant, Trisha Miller, Hollis McCarthy

Virginia Ogden and Rigel Harris

Avery Glymph and Kim Fischer

Trisha Miller

Robert David Grant