Part 1: Foreign Wars
Part 2: Civil Strife

Adapted by Stephen Brown-Fried

National Asian American Theatre Company [NAATCO]
at ART/NY's Mezzanine Theatre
August 11  - September 8, 2018
Scenic Design by Kimie Nishikawa
Costumes by Nicole Slaven
Lighting by Reza Behjat
Sound by Toby Algya
Movement & Combat by Kimiye Corwin & Orlando Pabotoy
Photography by William P. Steele

NYT Critics Pick image.png

Nominated for the 2019 Drama Desk Award for OUTSTANDING REVIVAL and OUTSTANDING COSTUME DESIGN (Nicole Slaven)

It’s a production that asks nearly six hours from your life, but it repays you handsomely... Fast-paced and gripping, this is an unusually lucid staging of a bloody history play, whose surfeit of schemes and villainy could make a daytime-drama writer blush. Yet for all the battles and beheadings in Stephen Brown-Fried’s handsomely designed production, never does it take death lightly. That’s one of the remarkable things about it.

Laura Collins-Hughes, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Paul Juhn as the Earl of Suffolk, David Huynh, Anna Ishida as the Duke of Somerset, Mia Katigbak as the Duke of Gloucester, Michelangelo Hyeon, Vanessa Kai as the Earl of Warwick, and John Haggerty

"Brutal, compelling, and shrewd, this is American Shakespeare at its most epic and alive."


Staged with great style and verve... Even trimmed to manageable size, Henry VI is a serious investment of time and energy in what boils down to some very sketchy English folks squabbling over a round bit of metal. Even so, I never tired of NAATCO’s appealing, expert ensemble as it navigated the twisty chronicles.”

James Seol as the Dauphin, Kim Wong as Joan, Ron Domingo as Reignier, and David Huynh as the Bastard of Orleans

"Under Stephen Brown-Fried’s inspired direction, this company has taken these histories and brought out only their best elements... Brown-Fried and the company have achieved something remarkable with their efforts."


That our focus holds for this (very rarely wearying) marathon is in large part due to the boundlessly creative, perpetually smart direction by Stephen Brown-Fried. Each of the many battle sequences somehow feels unique. Amazingly, no stage pictures ever seem to recur. Swift transitions add momentum to what could, in other hands, be numbing.

Ron Domingo as Mortimer and Rajesh Bose as Richard Plantagenet

The standout in these productions is the absolutely fantastic staging, which lends an intensity and excitement to the plays that might otherwise have been lacking. The highly stylized combination of set, lighting, costumes and sound all coalesce to transport the audience into the 100 Years War (mid-15th century), with surprising ease. ... It’s a shame this magnificent production isn’t slated to run several weeks longer than it is. ... Word of mouth will undoubtedly draw more and more fans of the genre, providing a rare experience of a thrilling and beautifully produced examination of Shakespeare’s earliest historical dramas.

James Seol as the Dauphin, Kim Wong as Joan, David Huynh as the Bastard of Orleans, and Ron Domingo as Reignier,

Creatively conceived by Stephen Brown-Fried and superbly directed by him, his Orson Welles-like vision transcends the difficult material. This sterling production is also an inspired example of American actors succeeding at Shakespeare

John Haggerty as Northumberland, Anna Ishida as Somerset, Jon Norman Schneider as King Henry VI, Mahira Kakkar as Queen Margaret, James Seol as Clifford, and Wai Ching Ho as Old Clifford

Ron Domingo as Jack Cade with Jon Haggerty and David Huynh as commons

David Huynh as Richard of Gloucester and James Seol as Clifford

Jon Norman Schneider as King Henry VI

James Seol as Clifford, John Haggerty as Northumberland, Rajesh Bose as Richard of York, and Mahira Kakkar as Queen Margaret

Mahira Kakkar as Queen Margaret, Michelangelo Hyeon as Prince Edward, Rajesh Bose as Richard of York, and John Haggerty as Northumberland

David Huynh as Richard of Gloucester, David Shih as King Edward IV, and James Seol as Hastings

Paul Juhn as George of Clarence and Michelangelo Hyeon as Prince Edward

David Huynh as Richard of Gloucester and Jon Norman Schneider as King Henry VI